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Guillemots - Ms Harvey

Year 5 / 6  

Welcome  to Guillemots Class!

Dear Parents,

Here at Holly Meadows School we welcome and encourage the important link between home and school. We would like you to be fully involved with your child’s education. This letter is to inform you of the topics, curriculum content and homework your child will be working through during the next term.

Core Subjects (English, Maths and Science)

The main topics are:

English – recounts; reports; biographies; journalistic writing; advertisements; fiction writing; SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar); comprehension; and guided reading.

Maths – number and place value; the four operations; fractions, decimals and percentages; ratio and proportion; algebra; measurement; properties of shape; position and direction; and data handling.

Science – Our two science topics this term will be: Evolution and Classification

Class Topics:

Our class topics link history, geography, art, DT, music and drama together.

The two class topics we will be covering this term are:

Crime and Punishment

Maps and Mapping

In Art/DT we will look at landscapes and painting from observation

Other Subjects

RE – Panoramic Enquiry

Computing – Will be taught cross curricular for this term but will also include E-safety.

PE – Invasion games, Dance, Gymnastics and Swimming.

MFL – French.


P.E. for Columbus will be on Wednesday. A full P.E. kit, including plimsolls for indoor and trainers for outside, should be kept in school at all times, as these days are flexible, to work around weather and other staff requirements. Earrings must be removed for P.E. lessons by the child. Hair will need to be tied back, including boys!

Swimming, for most, will happen Monday morning. It is expected that by the end of Year 6, all children will be able to swim 25m unaided.


Homework is given as an extension to work in class and is used to reinforce and extend your child’s knowledge and skills and follows guidance from ‘The Department for Education’. It is a very important part of their education, so please make time for your child to complete their home activities, supporting them as needed. Children will have Maths and/or English homework on Friday, to be handed in on the following Thursday morning. Homework in other subjects will be given when and where appropriate but they will always have a week to complete it!

Spellings will be given on Monday and will be tested the following Monday. Daily practise of the spelling rule and spellings is the best method for retaining the rule.

Times/division tables will be checked regularly and children are expected to practise these daily at home, please. As of 2015, the Government expects that by the end of Year 4, children will have learnt all their time and division tables. If your child is struggling to learn them, please talk to me about strategies to help them. These are vital for so many areas of the Year 6 maths curriculum and lack of them can hinder your child’s understanding and achievement.

Reading and understanding what has been read, is the key to learning. Children are expected to read regularly; daily for 15 minutes would be ideal. Reading books and reading records should be in school every day; staff will be checking them every Thursday/Friday. All children benefit from being heard to read and being read to; please record both of those in the reading record.


Progress assessments will be on-going throughout the term with SATS beginning Monday 8th May 2017.

I hope you have found this letter useful. If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me to make an appointment. I will be out on duty on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons each week if you want to catch me for a quick chat. 


Yours sincerely,

Ms Harvey