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Curlews - Mrs Woods

Dear Parents/Guardians

This term, the school have chosen ‘Who am I?’ as the overarching theme. In Curlews, our learning journey through the term will be based on five questions:  Who am I? (name, dob, family trees, identity, nationality etc), Where do I live? (geography, address and mapping etc), Where am I going?  (gifts, talents, passions, goals, what do I want to be when I grow up?), What do I think?  (understanding thinking about thinking, problem solving etc) and lastly, Why am I different?  (investigating diversity and celebrating similarities and differences).  The children are at an excellent age to be thinking and learning about these things, and I am excited about taking them through the activities I have planned to help them understand more about themselves.  This year includes SATs for Curlews Class in the summer term, which as well as the tests in Maths and Reading, are based on teacher assessments.  More information will come to you nearer the time concerning these tests, but please don’t panic.  My main concern is that children have no fear about these assessments.
Welcome to Curlews Class!  I look forward to meeting those of you who I haven’t yet met - please do come and introduce yourselves…don’t be shy!  I am enjoying getting to know your children coming into Curlews Class.  Mrs Wildsmith-Garton and myself have worked hard to create a new classroom out of the old staffroom during the holidays.  I hope they will enjoy having their own space, in a quiet corner of the school (although we may change that!).  A big thank you to the PTA who have funded new furniture for this new space and to you guys who have helped with fundraising.  It makes a real difference to the children!  I have plans for the outdoor area to make it into an inspirational learning/play area using natural materials and am seeking donations through contacts I have.  Please have a think about your own connections or have a look around your garage/shed to see if there is anything that might be useful eg. bricks, planks of wood, tiles, stones, shrubs, trees etc. and come and talk with me if you have any ideas yourself.  A working party would be amazing!

As you no doubt, are very aware, having had your children at home for six weeks, they are learning to become independent.  In Curlews Class, we will be giving them many opportunities to learn independence and responsibility for both their learning and the management of their belongings.  I hope that you will support your children, Mrs Dye and myself in this endeavour, by having high expectations of what they can do for themselves.  You can help in this by ensuring homework is done and that clothes/PE kit/water bottles are all named.  This will help with organisation in a busy classroom environment, your own frustration when things go missing and of course, most importantly, your child’s progress. For homework, I will set spellings each week to be learnt, a fun, active maths session and of course reading (try for three times a week), although my first request is for children to bring to school this week their own family tree information, as far as great -grandparents please for an art activity we are doing next week.  Thank you.

Lastly, I would like to invite parents or other family members to a Maths Café to be held on Wednesday, 3rd October at 1.30pm.  All to do with family keepsakes, autumn and tessellations!  I look forward to seeing you there.

Best Wishes

Mrs Woods