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The PTA now have a Facebook site which is a closed group but many parents have joined. It is the easiest way to find out whats going on and offer any help and support. Thank you in anticipation if you join and support!

Search for Holly Meadows PTA on Facebook!


The PTA involves all parents of Holly Meadows, any parent is welcome to attend meetings and contribute to the school. If you have a skill, talent or want to help please contact the PTA via the school office. The PTA are a friendly and welcoming bunch who make important contributions to school life which ultimately benefits the pupils.

The PTA is always looking for new recruits but has had a really successful fund raising event at the Ffolkes Arms in Hillington. Julie Morters is a very active member of the PTA who has lead an amazing fund raising drive resulting in £1200 being raised for the children. The school is hoping for a contribution to the hire of a Planetarium for the school to use with the children so they can learn about Space. It will be approved by the PTA at their next meeting in January when we combine it with the “Coffee with the Head” session on Monday 18 January 2016 at 8.45am. We look forward to welcoming anyone who would like to join us for a cup of coffee, a chance to vote for exciting new ventures for the PTA and to share your views on “What went well…” and “Even better if…” for the school on a day to day basis.

The key posts for the PTA will be voted in so make sure you come to vote those parents you would like to guide us even if you do not want an active role in the PTA this year.


Below are names of current committee members who regularly get involved and agenda / minutes of meetings:



Wednesday 1st November 2017 – 2.45 pm

Present:  Emma Whitmore (Chair) Sandra Balmforth (Secretary), Amy Harvey, Sarah Travers, Claire Morgan, Mrs Purkins,  Vanessa Mcauley

Apologies:  Christianne Groom

  • 1 Christianne has confirmed present funds stand at £3,754.13.
  • 2 Orders for the hooded tops from VJ for the next Year 6 leavers will now be looked at. Replies will be needed from the parents by the 20th  Amy said she will chase this.
  • 3 Becca in Reception class has asked if the PTA could fund the purchase of a sand tray and shelving unit for the community based water table so that the children could self-select items. The PTA agreed they would fund this at a cost of £700.
  • 4 Emma said the Woodland Trust have offered free saplings of differing varieties. These are available in packs of 30, 105 or more.  It was decided Emma will email Becca with a view to the saplings being used in Forest School activities.
  • 5 Emma confirmed there are 16 confirmed stalls for the pamper evening on Friday, 10th This will start at 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm.  Tickets will be sold at £3.50 in advance or £4 on the door.  Volunteers will need to set up after school finish with stallholders setting up at 5pm.  Claire volunteered to take tickets and SB will serve mulled wine.  Emma will run the raffle.  Raffle tickets will be sold for £1 a strip.   Emma confirmed this will be on Facebook and Amy will put on Twitter. 
  • 6 Amy said her year group are running an Enterprise project whereby groups of children will make and sell products ‘Apprentice’ style. The PTA agreed to fund £120 towards the cost of materials.  This will be Christmas themed and the children will sell their crafts on Tuesday, 12th December from 3pm whereby pupils, parents and other family members have a chance to buy.  It was suggested profits could go to a local charity such as the Food Bank.

Date of next meeting – Wednesday 17th January 2017 at 2.45 pm (To be confirmed)





Present:  Emma Whitmore (Chair) Sandra Balmforth (Secretary) Christianne Groom (Treasurer)  Jennie Wildsmith, (Head Teacher) Nigel Billing and Phil Hurr (Holly Meadows Youth FC), Sarah Travers, Claire Morgan, Wendy Lake, Sarah Purkins.

Apologies:  Diane Wright (Vice Chair)


Meadowfest – Saturday 20th May 2017 

  • 1 Emma said there are 29 confirmed stalls booked for Meadowfest and this may increase to as many as 46 when including other stalls such as Jolly Jars, Tombola, raffle etc.
  • 2 Other stalls run by the PTA are :-

Raffe              -           £1 for strip of tickets

Jolly Jars       -           £1 a ticket

Tombola        -           20p

Lucky dip       -           50p

Guess Ted’s name -  Aldrin Class – 20p


Christianne will arrange floats for these stalls. 

  • 3 Emma confirmed that stallholders have been told they should arrive at 9.30 am to set up and be ready for 12pm. It has also been emphasised that in the interests of safety no cars should be moving about on site during the fete.
  • 4 Everyone was keeping a close eye on the weather reports daily at the moment or even hourly and it was decided that if rain prevailed on the day the stalls could be set up within the school. The dog show and inflatables would remain outside.  Phil confirmed that Roger Moore was donating 25 hay bales for the dog show area.  Inflatables will be arriving at 8.00 am.
  • 5 Sandra and Claire confirmed they could bring marquees down to the school either after school on Friday or on Saturday morning.
  • 6 Peter B will be comparing during the day and he will also be taking photographs during day which will go on to the PTA/school website. Emma confirmed that as this is a public event a notice will be clearly displayed at the front and back of the school to say that photographs will be taken during the event.
  • 7 The Scouts will be arriving on site at 11.30 am to direct traffic.


  1. Christianne confirmed funds stand at £2,061.00. Monies for uniform

and breakfast club expenses are to come out of this amount.  £45.45 is to be deducted for supplies for Meadowfest such as plastic cutlery which Emma has obtained. 

  1. Emma said she would find out some more details of a bee keeping workshop based in Walpole Cross Keys. Information to follow.
  2. Year 6 leavers. White T Shirts will be provided to each leaver with the Holly Meadows logo on their last day.  There will be a Year 6 leavers ‘bring your own’picnic and the PTA will provide the ice creams and Pimms for the parents.
  3. Jennie asked if the PTA would provide funds to allow the author James Nicholl to do a creative writing workshop. He has written ‘The Apprentice Witch’ and it was thought he could come in during October, around Halloween time.  This workshop will cost £295.00 and the PTA agreed to fund this.
  4. A date was set for the next disco of Friday, 7th July 2017.
  5. Jennie said she would like the school to attain Artsmark status and would like to build on this next year. This will be discussed further at the next meeting.


Date of next PTA Meeting – Wednesday, 21st June 2017 at 2.30 pm

Holly Meadows School

Minutes of PTA - Monday 23rd September 2016

Present were :- Rachael Williams, Emma Whitmore, Christianne Groom, Sandra Balmforth, Sarah Travers, Rachel Donger, Loredana Giolitto, Lorayne Bower, Georgina Hunt

1. The end of term disco was well attended and the sum from ticket sales and tuck shop raised £120.00 for PTA funds.  The children enjoyed the disco, and especially the balloon twisting by the new lady running the disco.  Thank you to Loredana Giolitto  also for providing the  lovely home made Margherita pizzas for selling in the tuck shop on the night.  Date of next disco -Friday 8th July. 

2. The proposed purchase of the interactive whiteboard from Ashwicken school was discussed.  This is about 2 years old but apparently has hardly been used and Ashwicken school are prepared to sell it for £1,250.00 (a new one will be in the region of  £3,000.00).  Ashwicken school have said they will let Holly Meadows have this for a trial period before any payment to ensure it is in full working order and adequate for our use.  Christianne and Mrs Williams to speak to Ashwicken school for more  details.

3. Mrs Seaton is obtaining quotes for new goalposts and markers for a cycle route.

4. It was suggested the Year 6’s could have a specially designed ‘leavers T Shirt’, perhaps with their class name on that they could wear on their last day.  Their friends could sign them if they wanted making it a special momento for them.  Emma W saying  the T Shirts could work out at £6.35 each and if parents paid £3 the PTA could subsidise the balance of about £90.00.  More details to follow.

5. A family picnic was suggested for the Year 6 leavers.  As this year is a small group, parents and children would be asked for suggestions.  

6. Emma W suggested holding a Race Night.  As she has organised these before it was suggested this could be done using the Village Hall and charging £5 a ticket.  The ticket price would include the hire of a burger van and people then bring their own  drinks and nibbles as well.  Emma will make enquiries and more information will follow.  A suggested date for this event is Saturday 14th May but this will be confirmed at a later date.

7. Word Book Day is Thursday 3rd March when children will be invited to dress up as a favourite book character.  A £1 donation could be asked for on this day which will go towards the purchase of eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt on the last day of term,  Thursday, 24th March.  Julie Morters to contact Kinnertons with a view to purchasing chocolate eggs.

8. It is anticipated volunteers would be needed for the Easter Egg Hunt - details to follow.

9.  Quiz night - possible date in June.  Details to follow.

10. Following possible purchase of whiteboard and hire of planetarium there is a balance of approximately £1,000.00 in PTA funds.

11. Date of next meeting - Monday 21st March.  Coffee with the Head at 8.45 am followed by PTA Meeting.


Minutes of PTA - Monday 18th January 2016

Election of new committee members:

Chairman:  Emma Whitmore
Vice Chairman:  Diane Wright
Treasurer:  Christianne Groom
Secretary:  Sandra Balmforth
Present:- Rachael Williams, Head Teacher, Emma Whitmore, Diane Wright, Christiane Groom, Sandra Balmforth, Rachel Donger, Sally Panks, Sam White, Claire Morgan, Emma Bunting, Mariegold Nicholls, Lorayne Bower, Loredana Giolitto.
1. PTA School Disco.  Arranged for the last day of Term Friday, 12th February.  KS1 children from 4.45 pm to 6.15 pm.  KS2 children 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm.  Christianne to book disco.  Sandra/Christianne/Julie/Sally and others to assist where they can.
2. There is to be a new clothes bin which is being installed at the front of the school by the Salvation Army.
3. Future events were discussed to take place within school.  Easter egg raffle 24th March.  Julie to contact Kinnertons to obtain eggs.
4. Purple Fashion show in aid of the Stroke Association.  This will be on 27th May from 5.30 pm till approximately 7.00 pm - more details to follow.
5. SATS week starting 9th May - Monday to Thursday, 8.30 am start.  Helpers to arrive at 8.15.  Volunteers to run the Breakfast Club.  Details to follow.
6. School pantomine was discussed with a view to possibly holding further performance/performances to enable other family members to attend apart from mums/dads/siblings.  An evening performance was mooted to enable dads and mums to attend who   could not get time off from work.  Also grandparents would like to attend additional performances.  This will be looked into by the Head Teacher.  
7. The Christmas Bingo was a great success securing funds of over £1,000 raised for the PTA .  Many thanks to the PTA members for their help, especially to Julie Morters for organising the event and all her hard work as usual.  Gratitude was expressed to all      parents who donated £1 towards the raffle prizes on the non uniform day which all helped to make the bingo such a success.
8. Treasurer’s report of  £3,000.00 in PTA funds.  Mrs Williams requested that funds be used to book a Planetarium at the school, possibly as a 2 day event, along the same lines as last year’s Circus Big Top in the school field.  This will be an all school event with   perhaps other schools invited to visit.  Also a request for new face paints was made and spray markers for the playground.  Mrs Williams also requested the purchase of an interative whiteboard.  Christiane will enquire of Ashwicken School who have one for     sale.
9. Possible future fundraising events discussed :-
  • Afternoon story time/puppet show/film show
  • Ice cream van at school sports day
  • Car boot /table top sales.
  • WeightWatchers weigh-in session in the school.
  • Exercise classes
  • Salsa Night
  • Quiz Night - details to follow.
  • Christmas Fayre.
Provisional date of next PTA meeting - Monday 22nd February 9.20 am to follow ‘coffee meeting with the Head Teacher’.  Date will be confirmed nearer the time.
Sandra Balmforth
Secretary Holly Meadows PTA