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Guillemots - Mr Danes

Dear Parents/Carers of Guillemots class,


I hope you had a fantastic Summer holiday and the children are ready to come back to school with excitement for the next year!  

This term our overall theme is ‘Who am I’. Alongside this theme we will be looking at World War 1 as our topic and will be linking the learning so children explore both their own characters but also how this event has helped shape the world they live in today.

In English, we will be improving and developing English skills through various genres of writing based on the World War 1 theme, offering pupils the chance to investigate further the various elements involved in the war and the range of emotions that people would have felt through creative writing. Additionally, pupils will continue practising using their reading skills, from the reading dogs TAP program, to help them understand a variety of pieces of text in more detail and be able to reason why they have come to their conclusions based on what they have read. Please continue practising using these reading skills, using the bookmark given to you, at home as this will help the pupils become more accustomed to the types of questions being asked and also further their own ability to breakdown their understanding of the piece of text. Furthermore, practising writing at home will help the children gain confidence and progress at a better rate.

In Mathematics, pupils will be studying place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division throughout the term. Please continue working on the pupils times table rockstars, available online and as an app, as it is of great benefit to pupils in their confidence of times tables but also their maths work in general. Additionally, homework will look to cover the children’s learning from the week and any further practice of this learning at home will only further their confidence and understanding of the mathematical concept being taught.

As mentioned, homework will be set on Tuesdays and if this can be returned on the following Monday then this gives time for the homework to be marked and for the new homework task to be set. Homework is a great opportunity for the pupils to practice their learning from the week and further their confidence and understanding of it, giving them a further boost in lessons as they have this deeper understanding. Furthermore some homework will be set using the ‘Mathswatch’ website. Details will be given to the pupils on how to access this so they can log onto the website and complete the set tasks.

In Science pupils will examine electricity and how to create circuits as well as exploring the effect voltage can have on the appliance being used. This will be linked to the World War learning where pupils will test ideas on how circuits could have been created using everyday objects from the era and concluding how and why some objects may be more suitable then others.

Finally, PE will be on a Wednesday and Friday so please make sure PE kits are labelled along with shoes. PE kits need to be in school all week. If you ever have anything you would like to ask or discuss please contact the school or speak to myself to arrange a time for this to take place.


Yours sincerely,


Mr Danes, Miss Bearton and Miss Hutchinson.