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Pupil Premium Statement


Pupil Premium Strategy 2019/20

The government allocates an additional amount of money to schools according to specific deprivation criteria:

  • Children who are eligible for free school meals (FSM)
  • Looked after children (LAC)
  • Service children (where parents are in the armed forces).

All schools must publish information about how the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is used.

We currently have 139 pupils on roll at Holly Meadows School, with 15 eligible for this grant (11%)

Our Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) allocation for 2019/20 is: £27,640


Breakdown of PPG Spending

Allocated funds

Additional Staff to deliver Drama, debating, Thrive and 1:1 support for  SEMH (social, emotional, mental health needs) as well as Maths and English intervention/ therapies.

Total: £23,273

Boxall Profile annual Subscription


Thrive resource and training subscription


Additional resources to enhance Early Years provision.


PIXL Primary Subscription- which allows access to the package of resources, tracking and CPD for staff.


Contribution to trips and clubs



Summary of PPG Spending 2019/2020

The aims of our PPG spending:

We have chosen to spend the pupil premium grant in the following ways in order to meet the range of needs within this cohort of pupils:


  • Subscription to PIXL Primary. This will improve our ability to track the progress and attainment of pupil premium pupils, provide diagnostic assessment tools and specific strategies and resources to address their individual needs. This package also provides high quality CPD for teachers and leaders which will support our main aim of delivering quality first teaching.

      To provide opportunities for individuals to participate in after school clubs, enriching their experience at school. 

  • To provide financial support for residential and educational visits when needed so that all are included.
  • To support targeted intervention (Thrive) for individuals and small groups to ensure they are emotionally ready to learn. 75% of our pupil premium pupils currently receive Thrive.


  • Specific SEMH support- New for 2019: Boxall Profile subscription. This allows early identification assessment, supporting staff to develop their observational skills and their understanding of children and young people's difficulties. It provides us with: target setting and intervention - setting individualised, achievable targets that reinforce target behaviour and skills. Helps track progress - helping staff review children and young people's target behaviour. Assists with whole-class dynamic - understanding trends in behaviour can support staff to create bespoke learning plans to support whole class learning. At least 20% of PP pupils will benefit from this package.


  • To continue to develop speaking and performance skills in order to improve achievement in English and the wider curriculum at Key Stage 2.


  • To provide additional support and intervention in specific areas of English and Maths, including daily group based approaches (including PiXL therapies). This applies to all pupil premium pupils, including those who receive therapies to secure expected or greater depth standard in English and Maths.


  • To provide additional resources for specific Maths and English interventions, including some 1:1 materials such as Power of 1, Power of 2 ,Toe by Toe and Nessy. 33% of our pupil premium children receive additional 1:1 intervention.


  • To provide additional resources to enhance the Early Years/Year 1 environment to support the development of specific goals. 

Impact of Pupil Premium Grant 2018-2019

100% of pupils in EYFS have made strong progress and achieved a good level of development.

The impact of spending during 2018-19 can be seen in a number of ways. Here are some examples:

Children are happy to come to school and their attendance is good.

Access to Thrive for 25% of our pupil premium pupils has continued to build confidence, self-esteem and has increased their motivation and a readiness to learn. From observations of pupil behaviour and through discussions with parents, it is evident that access to Thrive also supports good attendance.

100% of Pupil Premium pupils in Year 1 pupils passed the Phonics screen.

100% of Non-SEN Pupil premium pupils achieved the expected standard in Reading, writing and mathematics at Key Stage 2. 67% of all Year 6 Pupil Premium pupils achieved the expected standard across all three subjects. This in comparison to national ‘all’ at 65%.

100% of Non-SEN Pupil Premium pupils achieved the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths in Key Stage 1.

All pupils have had full access to clubs and trips throughout the year, creating opportunities to try new experiences, acquire new skills and broaden interests. No child is denied an educational opportunity on the grounds of inability to contribute financially.

Specialist Drama teaching has increased motivation and enjoyment, whilst supporting the essential ‘talking’ stage of the development of skills for writing across the curriculum at Key Stage 2. 100% of (non-Sen) pupils in Year 3, 4 and 5 and 6 made strong progress in writing this year.

Access to the Pupil Asset tracking system has allowed for monitoring of progress and achievement and helped to identify intervention needs. Carefully planned and resourced intervention and precision teaching for groups and individuals in phonics, reading, spelling and aspects of mathematics have all contributed to progress and achievement for pupil premium pupils. 

This document was reviewed and updated in September 2019. The next review will take place in December 2019.