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Village link letter for February now posted!

Village Link Entry for Holly Meadows School ~ February 2016


I wonder if anyone has noticed the daffodils in the village that have started to push their way out of the ground to brighten our surroundings. The children are delighted that Mother Nature has worked her magic again and that the bulbs they planted last Autumn have grown and soon will bloom. We were so pleased to be part of a whole Community project like this and hope that every year as the children grow, they will be reminded of the part they played in showing visitors and residents just how lucky we are to have such a beautiful place to live.

I feel like the school is a bit of a growing project; the children are like the bulbs, kept inside more by the long dark nights and wet playtimes over the Winter but, as we found with the bulbs, the children are now starting to see the growth in their learning. Handwriting that just would not neaten up has begun to take shape and flow more easily from their pencil. Times tables and spellings that could not be learnt have now been locked into their memories and can be called upon in maths problem solving or whilst they write a challenging story. The nurturing surroundings with the rich nutrients fed to them by the teachers in the form of top quality lessons, engaging themes and topics, praise and feedback about how to improve… all serve to grow each child so that they can withstand the pressures of the outside elements that impact on them.

The school is going to welcome a new member of staff in April who has been appointed as a permanent member of staff. Miss Amy Harvey will be joining Aldrin Class and taking the role of Deputy Headteacher to support the work of the school. She has already been sharing exciting new plans that will continue the good work already being done to grow the children both academically and socially and we are really looking forward to her starting. Of course, we all want to say thank you to Miss Linda Ecclestone who has been such a key member of our staffing team, covering the temporary vacancies and ensuring that the children in her class are loved, cared for and well taught whilst the permanent appointments are made.

Wishing you all the best for a bright, fresh springtime.

Rachael Williams, Headteacher, Holly Meadows School